Lock Me Up – Free A Girl campaign

Frankee joined forces with the Free A Girl foundation this year to participate on the ‘Lock Me Up’ campaign. The campaign started on Wednesday the 29th of May in eight Dutch catering businesses and ends on Saturday the 1st of June. The exact amount that has been raised so far, by voluntary donation from Dutch citizens as Dutch celebrities is 109624 euro’s. During this campaign, these strong Dutch volunteers locked them self up in a small box (one by two meters) for twelve hours to raise money and fight against child prostitution worldwide.
Hu Wimmy, the owner of the Dutch restaurant the Red Sun, initiated the campaign’Lock me up- Free a Girl’last year. Because of the success, there is a continuation of the campaign nationwide at eight restaurants, spread across the country of the Netherlands.

The goal of this campaign is to draw attention to the many thousand girls in India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand and Cambodia who are victims of child prostitution. These girls are trapped in bad conditions held in brothels and live in small boxes (one by two meters). Through this campaign, the Dutch citizens will try to raise money as much as possible for the foundation Free a Girl. http://www.lockmeup.nl keeps track of how much money has been raised for the projects of the foundation.

Instead of one restaurant, there are eight participating restaurants for the campaign ‘Lock me up- Free a Girl’. All these restaurants have one or more small boxes. In one of these boxes there are Dutch volunteers trapped from eleven am till eleven pm. Also volunteering this year; Vivian Reijs, Arjan Erkel, Rodney Sneijder, Jeffrey Sneijder, Gokhan Saki, Jennifer Cooke, Frankee Hendriks, Dewi Pechler, Jasmine Sendar and many more.

source: http://yolanthecabau.com/lock-me-up-free-a-girl-campaign-raised-tons-of-euro/