“I go where my creativity takes me.”

Bubbly, energetic and colorful. That’s how a lot of people seem to describe Frankee’s personality. Those same adjectives can be said about the music he makes and the stories he write.

Frankee is not a stranger of the entertainment world. At a young age he participated in a lot of theatre plays, did some presenting on TV, starred in a musical and was a member of a pop group. After deciding to take matters into own hands he tried to combine his passion for writing with his first true love music. Together with some other talented musicians and producers he started recording and writing his own music under the name FranksomE.

FranksomE is always trying to come up with fresh ideas. Not only when it comes to his own music, but also when it comes to writing for other artists or writing his columns for Cosmogirl or Amsterdam Fashion TV. He always tries to find subjects that are very ‘now’ but gives it a little twist to make it his own.

Growing up FranksomE lived and breath 90’s pop music. Still to this day he inspires to give that same optimistic feeling those songs used to give us back in the day. ‘I grew up in the MTV-era where artists like Britney Spears, *Nsync, Backstreet Boys & the Spice Girls took over the world. Their message back then was positive and uplifting, I miss that in the music scene these days. I would love to bring some of that back.’ All of his songs are happy pop jams with lyrics that tell a story.

Whatever FranksomE does. Being a singer, writer or performer everything he does, he does it with passion and with a big smile on his face.


Help FranksomE win!

FranksomE is nominated to win a videoshoot. FranksomE and two other artists are nominated for a chance to win a videoshoot with Soundsfair. FranksomE was also their ‘artist of the week’ pick a few weeks before and now he is in the final three to star in his own video. Wanna know what Frankee’s feelings…

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Interview Soundsfair

FranksomE wil geen product van iemand anders zijn  door Rob Broere Frankee Hendriks alias FranksomE groeide op in zijn jeugd met zangeres Eva Simons en haar familie. Zij stimuleerden hem om te doen wat hij wil en legden de basis voor de zanger en tekstschrijver die hij nu is. FranksomE (27) weet al van jongs…

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Fabulous Fair

FranksomE live op de Fabulous Fair Woensdag 28 november zal de Fabulous Fair in de lichtfabriek te Haarlem plaats gaan vinden. In samenwerking met het maandblad Fabulous Mama en webwinkel Hearts and Heroes organiseert Stop Kindermisbruik het lifestyle evenement.

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3voor12 – Hollandse Nieuwe

3voor12 – Hollandse Nieuwe 3voor12’s Hollandse Nieuwe is a platform where new artists are being highlighted for their listeners. ‘Sunnyside Avenue’ was featured on their 24th compilation. Thank you 3voor12 & VPRO for introducing ‘Sunnyside Avenue’ to your listeners! Much appreciated “In 2010 is Frankee onder zijn schrijversnaam FranksomE begonnen met het opnemen van zijn…

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