heartWhat’s on my heart?

On this page I give attention to the things my heart likes and loves. Every month a certain artist, movie, brand or person will get the spotlight from my heart. This week my heart has been given to:

Danity Kane

They were a ‘product’ from MTV’s Making The Band 3 were Diddy created the ultimate girl group. Out of thousands hopefuls talented girls he finally choose five girls to participate in his dream girl group. Dawn Richards, Shannon Bex, Aubrey O’Day, Aundrea Fimbres and D. Woods were the lucky five.

They released their first single ‘Showstopper’ quickly after the band announced their name ‘Danity Kane’ and released their debut album not long after that. The girls were on top of the world when they entered the album charts at number 1.

A few years passed when they released their second album ‘Welcome To The Dollhouse’ which gave birth to their biggest hit till date ‘Damaged’. The group had its ups and downs during this era and it got really heated when Diddy fired Aubrey and D Woods out of the group. The other three members disbanded quickly after that.

2013: Aubrey, Shannon, Dawn & Aundrea had a lunch and the rumors of a DK reunion started. D Woods didn’t want to be involved in the reunion so the other three girls worked really hard behind the scenes to give us, the fans, some new music and a new tour.

2014: Some songs leaked and the feedback was nothing but awesome, but still some things behind the scenes didn’t went peachy cause Aundrea decided to leave Danity Kane and focus on her upcoming marriage. The other three released the single ‘Lemonade’ and continued on as a trio. The new album is almost done and the three ladies are planning another tour to promote the album and to give the fans what they need. DANITY KANE on full force! I can’t wait for some new DK tunes, it’s been a while… so that’s why Danity Kane got my heart this month.



Danity Kane (with Aundrea) live at House of Blues: